December 2015: Marlo's Winter Mini Aussie Pups

Available Mini Aussie pups from Breezemore in Maine.  Cute Australian Shepherds puppies ready for their forever familes!

October 2014 Mini Aussie Litter

December 2015:  Belle Bear Mini Aussie Pups :)

Marlo and Bodie have brought 6 Breezemore Mini Aussies into the world on the 11th of December.

'Owen' - Red Tri

This guy is a brute.  But most of it's fluff.  His coat is just wonderful.

Male 3 Black Tri

'Byron' - Red Tri

I can't quite tell if this guy is a goofball like his dad or a cuddle slug.  He hasn't quite made up his mind yet.

Female 3 Black Tri

'Scout' - Blue Merle

This pup has some piercing blues!

'Lana' - Black Tri