Breezemore Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies

Breezemore Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies located in Maine!  Mini Aussies photos, videos and cuteness!

We are now taking deposits for our litters due in November 2019

welcome to breezemore's
akc aussies of the mini kind!

Breezemore Acres began as small dairy farm located in the great state of Maine. The Mini Aussie became such a good fit we decided we need more than one! Now we have AKC Australian Shepherds to help keep the pastured chickens (and couches) in line.

Our dogs have always been a big part of our family and when it became time to find another companion we began a search for just the right dog. We knew we didn't want a big dog; we wanted a dog that was active, athletic, and could fit in a kayak. We found that in the Miniature Australian Shepherd. They can run for miles, play ball longer than we can, or are perfectly content to spend the occasional rainy afternoon curled on the couch watching television. The Aussie has been the perfect fit for our family; they are devoted dogs eager to please and love to learn.

We raise our Australian Shepherd puppies in the house with all the general chaos that ensues with that.  The little puppies hijack my kitchen constantly :). Our Aussie puppies are happy, healthy and well socialized babies with excellent temperaments.

If you're not in Maine, don't worry! Our Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies have found forever homes in many other states! From the whole of New England, to New York, down to North Carolina and over to California, our Mini Aussie puppies are growing up happy.

Little Red Merle Male Mini Aussie puppies.