October 2015: Belle's Mini Aussie Beauties

Available Mini Aussie pups from Breezemore in Maine.  Cute Australian Shepherds puppies ready for their forever familes!

October 2014 Mini Aussie Litter

October 2015:  Belle Bear Mini Aussie Pups :)

Belle and Bodie had seven wonderful little pups on the 9th of October! We're pretty sure one of them is a shar pei.  Somehow.  You'll see ;)

'Rhett' - Male 1 Red Merle

He has two baby blue eyes.  Which maybe don't come through in the photos when he chooses to just snooze in the warm sun.  Thanks puppy.

Thank you to Kira & Andrew, they've named him Rhett!

'Nelly' - Male 2 Blue Merle

He's got two blue eyes to go with his great blue merle coat.

Thank you to the Nelson Family.  Nelly makes for the second Breezemore mini aussie pup they've welcomed into their home!

'Paris' - Female 1 Blue Merle

A big thank you to Roberta & Luigi as they bring Paris into their home as their second Breezemore pup!

'Nala' - Female 2 Dilute Black Tri

I don't know how it happened... but I'm somehow raising Shar Peis now.  This girl has rolls for days.  She's a solid... grey!  She'll be registered a black tri, but due to a Bodie's dilute trait she's got grey for days.

Thank you so much Grimard Family!

'Daisy' - Female 3 Black Tri

A big thank you to the Bergman Family!  They've named this wonderful girl Daisy.

'Annie' - Female 4 Dilute Black Tri

It's not often we get the dilute coloring, and certainly is less often two in one litter.  This girl is another black tri that's far more grey than black.

Thank you Faunce Family for bringing Annie into your home.

'Lula' - Female 5 Black Tri

Hey look!  An actual black tri!  She's such an unbelievable sweetheart.

Thank you so much Cara & Micheal.  They've named her Lula!