August 2014: Mini Aussie Puppies

Available Mini Aussie puppies from August 2014 at Breezemore's Maine Miniature Australian Shepherds.

August 2014 Mini Aussie Litter

August 2014: New Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies!

Belle and Bodie graced Breezemore with the arrival of eight beautiful and healthy puppies on August 11.  Thanks to their parentage these puppies have been cleared for both MDR1 and HC, in addition Bodie has also been cleared for PRA/PRCD.

Black Tri Female 1

The first of two black-tri's, this pretty girl sports a deep black coat with minimal white and a nice muted copper trim.  She is a rugged pup and also one of the shortest of this litter, but she makes up for it in her personality - she is plenty outgoing and always ready for playtime.

Thank you Tami for loving our girl, her name is Emma.

Black Tri Female 2

The second of Bodie and Belle's black-tri's: she has a bright copper trim, a three-quarters collar and two bright blue eyes.  She is unique for Breezemore, our first fully blue-eyed black-tri!

Thanks so much to Tess, who has fittingly named her "Sap'phire Blu'"

Blue Merle Female

With a light grey coat with gorgeous grey merging punctuated by black spots this girl is a stunner. She has the sweetest personality, always ready for cuddling and plenty of (always welcome) puppy kisses.

Thank you to the Rodrigue family who have dubbed her "Willow".

Red Merle Female

This red merle has just a hint of white trim which does a beautiful job of accentuation her bright copper markings.  She is quite the playful girl and is always eager to please.

Thank you Chelsea and Greg, who have named this beautiful girl "Tesla".

Red Tri Female

This red-tri girl is a beauty - with a bright red coat and beautiful white and copper trim.  What really makes this pup stand out is her personality, she is outgoing and always has a smile for you, even after a long day of playing!

Thank you to Luigi and Roberta, who have named her "Sadie"!

Black Tri Male

This is our bear of the litter.  A solid pup with a lot of bright copper trim, with just a hint of white on his chest and the tips of his toes.  He is rugged - just as wide as he is tall.

Thanks to Hanna and Paul, who have rightly named this pup "Riggins".

Blue Merle Male

This little boy is a Dilute Blue Merle, he sports beautiful grey merling on top of a lighter grey coat, and has two beautiful blue eyes.  He has just a brush of copper trim, white blaze and cute white socks.  Eager to please, and even happier to have his belly rubbed this boy loves to be around people.

Thank you to Jeffrey, Judie, and their "Bandit" -  his name is Smokey

Red Tri Male

This boy is a very handsome Red Tri boy with very little white. He has two vivid blue eyes. This is a rugged pup, but like his father he is a sweet boy with plenty of puppy kisses in store.  

Thank you to Amanda & Chris.  His name is "Rory".