October 2010: Mini Aussie Puppies

Available Mini Aussie puppies from October 2010 at Breezemore's Maine Miniature Australian Shepherds.

October 2010 Mini Aussie Litter

October 2010: New Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies!

On October 16th Jazzy and Eli had a litter of eight little puppies (2 males and 6 females). These puppies will be 8 weeks old on December 11th.

The picture below were taken at five weeks old. The puppies can be registered under the National Stock Dog Registry and are pets with a spay/neuter per our puppy contract (pdf link).

All puppies from this litter have found their forever homes. Check back every now and then for news on new puppies!

Red Tri Male 1

Sweet guy; he loves attention and takes everything in stride.  Half of his collar is wide, then narrows to a full collar. He has nice copper trim that contrasts well.  To the right is a photo of him at 4 weeks old that can be clicked to enlarge (a week prior to the picture above).

Sold. Thank-you, Ken.

Red Merle Male 2

Playful and loving.  Flashy guy with a wide 3/4 collar and a huge blaze.  Looks he'll have two blue eyes.  We had been calling him Beast Mode Activated. Click to enlarge his 4-week picture to the right.

Sold. Thank-you, Foxworthys.

Dark Red Tri Female 1

She's a pretty pup with a deep mahogany color, bright copper trim and a 3/4 collar.  Full of puppy kisses.  At right is a pic 1 week earlier at 4 weeks.

Sold: They have named her Acadia!

Black Tri Female 2

Pretty little girl with a 3/4+ collar.  Small mini, may be a toy. She's a sweet pup always up for a cuddle. We had been calling her Daphne Doodles. 5 weeks above, 4 weeks to the right!

Sold. Thank-you, Olivers. They have named her Lila!

Black Tri Female 3

A lot of nice copper trim on her face.  Sweet as can be; ready to play then snuggle in for a nap.  Click to enlarge her 4 week picture to the right.

Sold. Thank-you, Koenigs.

Blue Merle Female 4

Light gray with small spots of merling.  1/2 collar and beautiful copper trim.  Small mini, may have one blue eye.  Here's the old picture of her at four weeks old 

Sold. Thank-you, Allens. They have named her Adelaide!

Light Red Merle Female 5

Light buff with nice merling and a pretty blaze.  Looks like two blue eyes.  Solid girl with a nice build.  Here is Bella's old picture at four weeks

Sold. They have named her Bella!

Dark Red Merle Female 6

Darker red with nice merling.  Toss up on the eyes... two blue or two green. Depends on the light right now.  Small mini, possible toy.  She loves to cuddle but is ready to play. Here is Harlow's old picture at 4 weeks old to the right.  Click to enlarge.

Sold. She's been name Harlow!