June 2007: Mini Aussie Puppies

Available Mini Aussie puppies from June 2007 at Breezemore's Maine Miniature Australian Shepherds.

June 2007 Mini Aussie Litter

June 2007: New Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies!

This litter of eight puppies (2 females and 6 males) is from Lily and Rusty on June 24th. These puppies are eligible for registration under the N.S.D.R. You can e-mail me at breezemore@gmail.com for more information, questions or pictures. A copy of our puppy contract can be downloaded here. 

All the following pictures were taken on July 27th at 4 1/2 weeks old. Additionally, each puppy has a link to an individual YouTube video of them at 8 weeks old.

All puppies from this litter have found their forever homes. Check back every now and then for news on new puppies!

Dark Red Tri Female 1

She is a solid built pup. You can view a clip of her at 8 weeks on YouTube.

Sorry, we're going to hold on to her. We've named her Jazzy!

Red Tri Female 2

Small but well proportioned. She will be a small mini. You can watch her clip at 8 weeks on Youtube right here.

Sold, Thank-you Aiden, Marnie and Simon. They have named her Maddie!

Dark Red Tri Male 1

He has a nice blaze on his face and has a 3/4 collar. This pup has a good solid build. He can be viewed at 8 weeks in this YouTube clip.

Sold, Thank-you Blanchettes.

Dark Red Tri Male 2

He is a quiet pup with white on his chest and front legs and copper on the back. A clip of him at 8 weeks can be watched on YouTube here.

Sold, Thank-you Bridgers.  They've named him Wrangler!

Dark Red Tri Male 3

He has amazing copper and is well marked. You can see him at 8 weeks in his YouTube clip.

Sold, Thank-you Lejeunes. They've named him Bear!

Red Tri Male 4

He has pretty copper markings and a nice stocky build. You can watch his clip at 8 weeks on YouTube.

Sold, Thank-you Searles'. They've named him Brutus!

Dark Red Tri Male 5

He has a solid build with a blaze on his face. You can watch him at 8-weeks old in his clip on YouTube.

Sold, Thank-you Koochers. They have named him Ozzie!

Dark Red Tri Male 6

He has a solid build with a wide blaze on his chest and nice markings. You can watch him at 8 weeks in his YouTube clip here.

Sold, Thank-you Drysdales.